The BIM Construct
A Non Profit Educational Foundation formed to Develop, Promote and Implement Building Information Modeling Technologies for the AEC –fm* industries. The organization is dedicated to industry education and further adoption and use of BIM technologies, products, and services.
There are a wealth of efficiencies, productivity, and opportunities to design and build smarter. BIM Construct is aligning the strategies, processes, tools and methods to support these industry changes.
The BIM Construct is chartered to conduct the following activities:
  1. Coordinate and manage the joint development between corporations of BIM tools and applications.
  2. Act as a service and repository for the management of public domain BIM related tools and programs.
  3. Manage joint IP pools and IP licensing.
  4. Organize and manage venues for the demonstration and promotion of BIM products and technologies, including seminars and trade show exhibits.
  5. Establish and participate in BIM related standards processes and standards creation committees, associations and promote the adoption of BIM concepts and technologies.
The BIM Construct is being organized by the following companies:
AEC, Inc., Baltimore, MD, Enterprixe OY, Helsinki Finland, Onuma Inc., based in Pasadena CA, Selvaag Gruppen, Oslo Norway, and Solibri OY, also of Helsinki. The group is chaired by Mr. Richard See, a Senior Manager at Microsoft former Technical Director for the IAI, and co-founder of the BLIS Consortium.
Issues regarding participation and constituency are still in development. Mr. Ken Jacobsen, a business development consultant in the Silicon Valley has been appointed as its secretary and he is chartered with the legal organization of the new organization. In the meanwhile, the group is acting on an Ad hoc basis, exploring synergies and issues of common interest and benefit. Mr. Jacobsen may be contacted at 510-490-7085 or through the contact form on this Website
* Architecture-Engineering-Construction and facilities management